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Stamps from the Lawrence Block’s Keller Collection

Lawrence Block’s forthcoming novel, Hit Me, brings Keller back into a game he thought he had left behind: contract killing. What would Keller rather be doing with his time? Stamp collecting, for starters. Block even designed a souvenir sheet of stamps to accompany a special edition of HIT ME:

Stamps from the Keller Collection

In an interview with Thomas Pluck, Block discusses Keller’s philatelist proclivity:

Pluck: Keller’s stamp collecting has become almost as intriguing as his hits. . . . I never collected stamps, but I did collect coins, then lost my collection to some unscrupulous movers. A pristine 1945-S Mercury dime will be my Rosebud, I imagine. There’s something about stamps, coins and bank notes besides the art and their monetary value—they’re tangible icons. I was a numismatist, and you’re a philatelist. Which both sound like kinky perversions, and to a degree they are. What stamps do you collect? Does Keller have your dream collection?

Block: Keller collects worldwide, 1840 to 1940, which his British Empire collection extending through the reign of George VI. Me too. How’s that for coincidence? Keller, of course, has a much better collection, because he had the sense to pick a far more lucrative profession.

Read the rest of the interview, which ranges widely from New York City to getting paid as a writer. Hit Me goes on sale February 12th.