In Richard Montanari’s chilling new suspense novel, a sealed-off network of secret passages connects all of Philadelphia to the killer hidden within.

Luther Wade grew up in Cold River, a warehouse for the criminally insane. Two decades ago the hospital closed it doors forever, but Luther never left. He wanders the catacombs beneath the city, channeling the violent dreams of Eduard Kross, Europe’s most prolific serial killer of the 20th century.

A two-year-old girl is found wandering the streets of Philadelphia in the middle of the night by detectives Kevin Byrne and Jessica Balzano. She does not speak, but she may hold the key to solving a string of murders committed in and around Priory Park. As the detectives investigate, more bodies are found at Priory Park, and they’re drawn closer and closer to the doors of Luther’s devious maze and the dark secrets of Cold River.

What's Inside

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Reader Reviews



"Richard Montanari's writing is both terrifying and lyrical, a killer combination that makes him a true stand-out in the crowded thriller market. A master storyteller at his very best."—Tess Gerritsen
"A master storyteller. Be prepared to stay up all night."—James Ellroy
"Psychologically dark, strangely erotic and definitely hard to put down. A winner."—Nelson Demille, on Deviant Way
"A writer whose prose can capture quite extraordinary of the best in the business".—Thomas H. Cook
"Richard Montanari's vivid portrayal of a serial killing bad-dream team is sick, kinky, realistic, scary as hell and absolutely great."—Kinky Friedman, on Deviant Way
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