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Mulholland Books Best of 2011

If you got an eReader for the holidays this year, the time has come to fill it up with eBooks! Why not try some of our titles that hit the Best of 2011 lists all over the country!

A DROP OF THE HARD STUFF by Lawrence Block “FAVORITE PERFORMANCE BY AN OLD PRO: For sentimental reasons, I’m going with Lawrence Block’s nostalgic novel, A DROP OF THE HARD STUFF, set in New York in the 1970s, when Matt Scudder was still a working cop and crime was still “the leading occupation” in his Hell’s Kitchen ­neighborhood. -Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

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GUILT BY ASSOCIATION by Marcia Clark: “A corker of a debut novel in which a brainy, plucky female prosecutor refuses to rush to judgment….That the novel is marked by authenticity is no surprise given Clark’s credentials—she was, after all, lead prosecutor in the headline-grabbing O.J. Simpson trial—but what may surprise some readers is the quality of the writing, plus the considerable charm of Rachel and her buddies.” -Kirkus Reviews

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THE HOUSE OF SILK by Anthony Horowitz: “As told by Watson in language that returns us to 19th-century London, The House of Silk wrangles three individual mysteries, witty dialogue and the best bromance around into a book you can’t put down.” –The Houston Chronicle.

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THE REVISIONISTS by Thomas Mullen: “Mullen’s third book is Blade Runner meets John LeCarre. A time traveler, Zed, returns from the future to do a dirty job. He has to make sure that all the terrible events of history – the Holocaust, Hiroshima, Verdun, New Jersey Shore – take place exactly as they happened. Past imperfect preserves a future perfect (we are led to believe) free of problems. Zed must hunt down other time travelers who want to change the past … so the future changes. The sci-fi premise, once you take the bait, leads to a thoughtful, suspenseful novel of intrigue.” –Paste Magazine

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TRIPLE CROSSING by Sebastian Rotella: “FAVORITE DEBUT NOVEL / FAVORITE ACTION THRILLER: Sebastian Rotella scores twice for TRIPLE CROSSING, which begins on the San Diego-Tijuana border and sends good guys from both sides of the fence to combat drug smugglers and terrorists in the badlands of South America.” -Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

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FUN AND GAMES and HELL AND GONE by Duane Swierczynski: The first two books in the Charlie Hardie trilogy have trapped our tough ex-cop in a house with nefarious killers outside and a crazy starlet inside, then put him in a prison where he may or may not be a guard. This is pulp fiction on an epic scale told with grand skill. I cannot wait for the conclusion with Point & Shoot this Spring. –Book People

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And if you’re in search of a deal, check out these Little, Brown titles that are available for reduced prices wherever eBooks are sold:

Kate Atkinson’s WHEN WILL THERE BE GOOD NEWS? (until 12/26)

Michael Koryta’s SO COLD THE RIVER (until 12/26)

Denise Mina’s STILL MIDNIGHT (until 12/26)

Marcia Clark’s GUILT BY ASSOCIATION (starting 12/26)

Ian Rankin’s THE COMPLAINTS (starting 12/26)

George Pelecanos’s WHAT IT WAS (pre-order for delivery on 1/23. Just .99!)