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Holiday Traditions, Mulholland Style

HollyThis year at Mulholland Books, we asked a handful of our talented authors for their holiday traditions, memories, or favorite part of the season. Today, five authors, from Marcia Clark to Derek Haas and many more in between, share their thoughts, with a new post every two hours. ‘Tis the season!

My favorite Christmas movie isn’t exactly a Christmas movie, yet it does a better job than any Santa-and-reindeer tale at getting to the heart of the holiday. Tim Burton’s EDWARD SCISSORHANDS remains one of my favorite films; I saw it as an impressionable young teenager, for many years I had a poster of it beside my writing desk, and I still try to watch it every December. In the first scene, a young child hoping to put off her bedtime asks her grandmother where snow comes from. From that simple question, off we go into a haunting fairy tale in which a black-clad (innocent) outcast finds himself in a Day-Glo, 1950s (scary) surburia. Years before Johnny Depp became Hollywood’s swashbuckling sensation, he was perfect as the tortured young freak with blades for fingers. I don’t think there’s been a better depiction of the struggles of an artist for acceptance, or of the slings and arrows tossed at those who are different. This is also one of the only contemporary movies I’ve seen that manages to work in a strong Christ parallel without seeming heavy-handed or over-wrought. Seeing Johnny/Edward carve ice statutes in the final scene, with Danny Elfman’s spectral score swooning in the background, gets me every time.

Thomas Mullen is the author of THE REVISIONISTS, which called “A compelling and complex page-turner, a paranoid thriller for the post-9/11 age, The Last Town on Earth, which was named Best Debut Novel of 2006 by USA Today and was awarded the James Fenimore Cooper Prize for excellence in historical fiction, and The Many Deaths of the Firefly Brothers. His books have been named Best of the Year by such publications as the Chicago Tribune, USA Today, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Onion, and He lives with his wife and sons in Atlanta.

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