Rachel Knight’s LA: Killer Ambition Edition

Killer Ambition, the third novel in Marcia Clark’s Rachel Knight series, is just on sale. Celebrate with a tour of District Attorney Rachel Knight’s Los Angeles, as depicted in the thriller that the Hartford Books Examiner raves is “both a criminally entertaining read and an intimately informed exposé of celebrity and crime.”

God's Seat
God’s Seat: The towering rock formation that looks down upon Malibu provides a startling backdrop for the prologue of Killer Ambition. A legendary symbol of Los Angeles, it received its moniker because of its throne-like shape.

Teddy’s: The hotspot club frequented by the Hayley, the missing daughter of a famous Hollywood director, and Mackenzie, her best friend. Teddy’s is located in the Hollywood Roosevelt Club and is filled with “long sparkling earrings and sequined minidresses on spray-tanned body beautifuls.” A famous celebrity haunt, Teddy’s is notoriously selective about its clientele. Once inside, it is a showcase for L.A. style and glamour.

Russell's Party House
Russell’s Party House: Her father’s hidden enclave in the Hollywood Hills was one of Hayley’s favorite hangs. “A low-slung Spanish-style with tilted roof and arched wooden door,” the house was her last known whereabouts.

Russell's Studio
Russell’s Studio: A 32-acre facility in Burbank, “a little gated city” that is home to the production of many movies and television shows. The studio in Killer Ambition is fictional, but maybe you can guess its real-life counterpart!

Boney Mountain
Boney Mountain: Part of the Santa Monica Mountains Natural Recreation Area, Boney Mountain is the overlook where a body is discovered. Boney Mountain offers sweeping vistas and dramatic views for the intrepid hiker, but “It would only take a few seconds to veer off course and in that steep, rocky terrain one wrong step could send you hurtling to your death.”

Perch:  The beautiful rooftop bar where Rachel Knight and her besties, Bailey and Toni, go to review the case. Perch is a chic L.A. hotspot across the street from the Biltmore Hotel. For Rachel, it is the perfect escape on a warm summer night.

The Mall
The mall: The mall where Hayley’s boyfriend, Brian, works as a jewelry store manager is fictional, but if you know Los Angeles, you can imagine what Clark is writing about: an upscale mall, a mecca for the glamorous shopper, and an epicenter of Los Angeles consumerism.

Graden's house
Graden’s house: The house belonging to Rachel’s boyfriend offers “sweeping views, clean air and perfect weather.” It’s located in the beautiful Palisades on the west side of L.A. overlooking the Pacific Ocean—no wonder it’s one of Rachel’s favorite areas!

Killer Ambition by Marcia ClarkMarcia Clark has published three novels which feature Los Angeles Special Trials prosecutor Rachel Knight: Guilt by Association, Guilt by Degrees, and Killer Ambition. TNT has optioned the books and a drama series is currently in development. Marcia is attached as an executive producer. She’s currently at work on her fourth novel.