Hunt the Wolf Q&A with Don Mann and Ralph Pezzullo

Today, HUNT THE WOLF by Don Mann with Ralph Pezzullo officially hits the stands! AJ Garcia of says, “There is never a boring moment. You will literally burn your way through this book in a matter of hours. It’s that good. A+” To commemorate HUNT THE WOLF‘s release, here’s a Q&A with authors Don Mann and Ralph Pezzullo:

Don and Ralph, what has been the difference for you between writing nonfiction and fiction?

Don: We had a tight deadline for Inside SEAL Team Six and had to write it quickly. So Ralph and I came up with a rough outline, then I started sending him tapes describing my experiences and other material. And he worked to blend all of it into a coherent and well-written narrative.

Ralph: In the end Don sent me over 200 tapes. Some were snippets, others were over an hour long. I spent a lot of time transcribing and organizing everything, before I started writing. Then I started drafting chapters and sending them to Don. I’d incorporate Don’s comment and notes, then send the chapters to our editor John Parsley. Working that way we finished the manuscript in two and a half months.

Don: Then came the government review process…..

Ralph: Which was long, frustrating and brutal. But we made it through.

Don: Thanks to our very patient editor.

Ralph: Yes!

How was the process of writing HUNT THE WOLF different?

Don: For one thing, we had more time. Actually HUNT THE WOLF was written before Inside SEAL Team Six.

Ralph: Don contacted me about writing a series of thrillers. I said: Sure! He’s been involved in so many missions and adventures over his career that we have tons of material to work with. I came up with an outline and we worked from that.

How closely is the story in HUNT THE WOLF based on real events?

Don: Very close. I would say that everything described in the book has happened. Maybe not in the same order or under the same circumstances, but I’ve been involved in missions and situations very similar.

What about the characters?

Don: They’re all based on SEALs I’ve known and have worked with.

How about the pace? Because the action in the book is nonstop.

Don:  The pace is realistic. Today SEAL Team Six team members are doing back-to-back missions. Sometimes more than fifty a year. They deploy overseas, hunt down and kill terrorists, or rescue hostages, then prepare for the next mission. The pace is relentless.

Ralph: These guys are the most highly trained, versatile and lethal warriors on the planet.

Don: That’s right. Sea, air and land. They can deploy anywhere. In other words, break glass in case of war.

What does it take to become a Navy SEAL?'Not for the weak or fainthearted' 'Ready First' soldiers compete for Ranger slots [Image 3 of 4]

Don: A passion to protect your country, tremendous dedication, intelligence, and a willingness to push your body past its limits. My motto is: blood from every orifice, and I mean it.

Don, you’ve spent a lot of time training SEALs and training people who want to become SEALs. What’s the one thing that separates the candidates who success from those who fail?

A willingness not to quit. You’ve got to be able to fight through pain, extreme discomfort and lack of sleep and still complete the mission.

Ralph Pezzullo is a New York Times bestselling author and award-winning playwright, screenwriter and journalist. He is also the author of Jawbreaker (with CIA operative Gary Berntsen).

Don Mann (CWO3, USN) is the author of Inside SEAL Team Six and has for the last thirty years been associated with the Navy SEALS as a platoon member, assault team member, boat crew leader, or advanced training officer; and more recently program director preparing civilians to go to BUD/s (SEAL Training). Up until 1998 he was on active duty with SEAL Team 6. Since his retirement, he has deployed to the Middle East on numerous occasions in support of the war on terror. Many of the active duty members of SEAL Team 6 are the same guys he taught how to shoot and conduct ship and aircraft takedowns, and trained in urban, arctic, desert, river, and jungle warfare, as well as Close Quarters Battle and Military Operations in Urban Terrain. He has suffered two broken backs, two pulmonary embolisms, and multiple other broken bones, in training or service. He has twice survived being captured during operations.

HUNT THE WOLF is now available in bookstores everywhere.