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A Conversation with Duane Swierczynski and Ed Brubaker: Part I

Jul 17, 2012 in Books, Comic Books, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors, Writing

Suffering from post-Comic Con withdrawal? Get your fix with the below conversation between award-winning writer Ed Brubaker, author of CRIMINAL, SLEEPER and INCOGNITO, among many others, and Duane Swierczynski, originally appearing to celebrate the publication of FUN & GAMES. Hardie endures! Ed Brubaker: So, Duane – FUN & GAMES, am I right in saying this is […]

Don Winslow, Interviewed by Shane Salerno

Jul 06, 2012 in Books, Film, Guest Posts

Today, the film Savages, based on the Don Winslow novel of the same name, opens in theaters. Check out the trailer, if you haven’t already. Directed by Oscar winner Oliver Stone, the film’s screenplay is the product of a collaboration between novelist Don Winslow and screenwriter Shane Salerno. Winslow and Salerno have known each other […]

A Conversation Between Lawrence Block and Robert Silverberg: Part I

Jul 19, 2011 in Books, Mulholland Authors, Writing

Two months ago, Lawrence Block and Robert Silverberg met in San Francisco for an epic conversation that spanned nearly every topic imaginable…and far more. Mulholland Books has transcribed the dialogue between these two masters of storytelling and will present it to you in two parts. Lawrence Block: How did a nice fellow like you get into this business? […]

Blow It Up Better: Thomas Mullen interviews Paul Malmont on Pulp Fiction, Imagination, History, and Comics

Jul 18, 2011 in Books, Mulholland Authors, Writing

Paul Malmont is the author of three novels re-imaging the lives of early 20th century pulp writers to thrilling effect: his first, The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril, placed ‘30s authors Walter Gibson (The Shadow) and Lester Dent (Doc Savage) in their own pulp adventure, complete with zombies and phantom freighters, and his second, Jack London […]

No Rest for the Dead

Jul 06, 2011 in Books, Guest Posts

Four years ago, I was having drinks with my friends Les Pockell and Susan Richman in a Greek restaurant, chosen more for its proximity to Grand Central station than for the food. I told Les and Susan about a project I had started working on, an anthology with several best-selling writers, and how my share […]

A Conversation with Duane Swierczynski and Josh Bazell: Part II

Jun 24, 2011 in Books, Comic Books, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors, Writing

In our ongoing celebration of the publication of Fun & Games we matched Duane Swierczynski up with Josh Bazell, author of the acclaimed novel Beat the Reaper. When we last saw our heroes (see Part I), Duane had asked Josh how far he had gotten with his plan to become a comic book artist. JB: […]

A Conversation with Duane Swierczynski and Ed Brubaker: Part II

Jun 21, 2011 in Books, Graphic Novels, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors, Writing

This week, we celebrate the publication of FUN & GAMES by Duane Swierczynski, a book that says “reads like a Quentin Tarantino movie on speed, full of high-octane action, flying by at a breakneck pace, not for the faint of heart, but also with plenty of humor.” Here, we present Part II of a […]

Ray Bradbury is my ‘Father’

Jun 17, 2011 in Books, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors, Writing

Growing up in a small country town in Australia, my only experience of the wider world came through grainy black and white TV images and the magic of the books that I borrowed from the local library. I remember being eight-years-old, in July 1969, when teachers assembled the entire school – barely a hundred students […]

Noir Seal of Approval

Jun 06, 2011 in eBooks, Guest Posts, Video Games

As a contributor to LA Noire: The Collected Stories, we asked Andrew Vachss to give us his thoughts on noir. Read Andrew Vachss’s story “Postwar Boom” in LA Noire: The Collected Stories. Available free (for a limited time) from your eTailer of choice. | | iTunes | Sony I learned, a long time […]

The Deep Bottom Drawer: A Conversation with Lois Duncan

May 19, 2011 in Books, Guest Posts

I’m just beginning to realize the flickering presence Lois Duncan’s books still play in my imagination, decades after discovering them. Most of my reading life, age nine to twelve especially, seemed to be in search of books that somehow conveyed for me, as movies did, a world as dark and tangled and mysterious as the […]