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Don Winslow, Interviewed by Shane Salerno

Jul 06, 2012 in Books, Film, Guest Posts

Today, the film Savages, based on the Don Winslow novel of the same name, opens in theaters. Check out the trailer, if you haven’t already. Directed by Oscar winner Oliver Stone, the film’s screenplay is the product of a collaboration between novelist Don Winslow and screenwriter Shane Salerno. Winslow and Salerno have known each other […]

My Digital Confession

May 25, 2012 in Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors

A recent, controversial  New York Times article by Stanley Fish uses the results of a 2011 psychological study to argue readers and viewers experience no negative effects from knowing the ending of a story in advance. We asked a few of our friends what they thought–check back regularly today for their responses. Oz isn’t real […]

Seven Things Screenwriters Should Know About Writing Novels

Mar 22, 2011 in Film, Guest Posts, Writing

After the unprecedented success of yesterday’s column, I decided I would flip it around and provide you the converse list of things screenwriters should know as they switch from Final Draft to MS word to scratch that prose itch. 1.  Publishers Want To Sell Books. It’s a common misperception that screenwriting is for commercial aspirations […]

Seven Things Novelists Should Know About Screenwriting

Mar 21, 2011 in Film, Guest Posts, Writing

I was thinking about creating a Top Ten list of things novelists should know about screenwriting because everyone loves Top Ten lists. However, since I’m contrarian by nature, I decided to come up with seven. Also, less work. So here they are… the seven things you should know as you make the switch. 1. You […]

A Conversation with Limitless author Alan Glynn and screenwriter Leslie Dixon

Mar 17, 2011 in Film, Guest Posts

Leslie Dixon is the screenwriter/producer who made the novel The Dark Fields happen as the film Limitless. Here, Leslie and Limitless author Alan Glynn discuss the project’s long road from book to screen. And everything in between. Leslie Dixon: Alan, my attempts to get this movie up and running took soooo long — was there […]

A Conversation with Derek Haas and Rian Johnson (Part II)

Nov 17, 2010 in Film, Guest Posts, Popcorn Fiction

Continued from Monday, Derek Haas and Rian Johnson discuss Johnson’s forthcoming time travel epic, Looper, Haas’ next project, The Double; Dashiell Hammett, The Hardy Boys and the eternal question:  screenplays vs. novels? Rian Johnson: Now that we’ve discussed Popcorn Fiction, we get to the real question that all of the Americas is asking: when can […]