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The Assumption

Sep 11, 2012 in Excerpts, Fiction, Guest Posts, Popcorn Fiction, Short Stories

Via Popcorn Fiction, a superstar actor has big secrets in his past in this touch of noir from Ralph Pezzullo, co-author of HUNT THE WOLF: A Seal Team Six novel written with Don Mann. He saw her face in his mind’s eye and there was no mistake. Pale and pleading. Desperate. A ghost with pale […]

A Conversation with Mark Bomback

Nov 18, 2010 in Film, Guest Posts, Popcorn Fiction

The writer of Die Hard 4 and Unstoppable, Mark Bomback is one of Hollywood’s leading action screenwriters with a long list of major projects in development or about to go into production. Below, Mark talks about his love of classic genre stories, working with the unstoppable Tony Scott and Denzel Washington and what really makes […]

Derek Haas and Rian Johnson on Popcorn Fiction

Nov 15, 2010 in Film, Guest Posts, Popcorn Fiction

We’re thrilled to announce that, the brilliant genre fiction short story showcase created by screenwrtiter Derek Haas, has joined forces with Mulholland Books. In the weeks and months to come, we look forward to shining a light on Popcorn Fiction, and running select Popcorn Fiction stories on Follow the link today to […]