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The Spaces Between Stars

Apr 11, 2011 in Books, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors, Mulholland News

My name’s Warren Ellis.  I’m mostly a science fiction writer.  I’m sometimes also a crime writer.  These are essentially the same thing. Let me try and explain that. I don’t think HG Wells and Raymond Chandler ever met.  I don’t know that they would have had a lot to say to each other if they […]

Science Fiction Noir

Mar 25, 2011 in Books, Film, Guest Posts

One could argue until the cows came home about the definition and origins of noir, and many have been known to do so. From the moment that German expressionist movies and cinematographers moved that extra inch into darkness or crime writers combined their vision of cities at night with the despairing existential angst overwhelming their […]

Darkness in the East

Nov 12, 2010 in Guest Posts, Writing

Noir is a French word meaning dark. It’s used to identify a certain type of grim fiction or film. Don’t let the French name fool you. There’s plenty of noir right here in East Texas, though it’s mixed with Southern Gothic and Western and all manner of stuff; it’s a gumbo boiled in hell. I […]

Insulting Your Intelligence (“Just gimme some noiriness”)

Oct 28, 2010 in Books, Film, Guest Posts, Television

I sometimes wonder if the popularity of noir isn’t largely due to the fact that no one seems entirely clear on what the hell it is. Not that a busload of perfectly smart people haven’t ventured a definition or two. A great deal of thought is expended on virtually a daily basis trying to pin […]

This Land is Noir Land

Oct 13, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors

I’ve always wanted to drive cross-country. Would have done it in college, except for two small things: (a) no car, and (b) no money. But now that I own a motor vehicle (granted, a minivan) and have a little more folding green, I decided to take my family on a cross-country drive this past summer. […]

Bernie Madoff: Noir Icon?

Oct 07, 2010 in Guest Posts

Bernie Madoff was in the news again recently—or at least his bankruptcy case was. It seems the trustee and some of Madoff’s victims are fighting over legal fees—surprise, surprise. It was a small story, and just the latest chapter in a long saga, but it had me thinking again about Madoff, and about the largest […]

Noir Is for Losers

Sep 30, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts

Noir. Slippery little word, isn’t it? French, but applied in retrospect to American movies that were themselves informed by aspects of German Expressionism. According to Otto Penzler, when people profess to be fans of the sub-genre, they very rarely know what they’re talking about. As editor, critic, and proprietor of the Mysterious Bookshop, Penzler obviously […]

Crime Fiction and Fact: Real vs. Hollywood

Sep 20, 2010 in Books, Film, Guest Posts

If there’s one thing I know about, it’s crime. I’ve dealt drugs, used drugs, been shot at (and shot back), participated in high-speed chases with the cops, and lived with a call girl. I’ve been involved in stabbings, check-kiting, armed robberies, and some other tricks and stratagems of the hustling trade. Even spent two-plus years […]

Sex and Violence, Please

Sep 17, 2010 in Books, Film, Guest Posts

The announcement of Little Brown’s new suspense line, Mullholland, is a cause for rejoicing in mystery-writer circles…and not just because an attractive new market for the craft has revealed itself.  The launch reaffirms the notion that neither the book nor the mystery is dead, and that’s always good news to a writer trying to keep […]

The Mulholland Muse

Sep 02, 2010 in Books, Film, Guest Posts, Mulholland News

Most people know the name Mulholland Drive from the eponymous David Lynch movie. If you go deeper, you recognize the roman à clef elements that were interpreted into the plot of Chinatown — the Noah Cross character played by John Huston is heavily derived from the machinations of William Mulholland during the period know as […]