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The Dark in Zero Dark Thirty

Jan 14, 2013 in Film

Spoiler alert: DO NOT read this blog post if you haven’t yet seen Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal’s new film; this post most likely goes into enough detail that you’ll probably come away feeling a little bit like someone ruined the surprise for you. At least, as much as one can feel that way […]

Grabbing At Shadows

Jan 10, 2013 in Guest Posts

What is noir? A question that has been debated in every film school and bar at Bouchercon. Many an article and anthology introduction has made the attempt to define it. There is even the thought that it is more style than genre. Czar of Noir Eddie Mueller cleanly describes it as stories about attempts to […]

Year End Review: A Few Thoughts on Jim Thompson and The Grifters

Dec 27, 2012 in eBooks, Film, Guest Posts

With 2013 just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to sit back and reflect on another year of great content and great books. Check back twice daily in the last days of 2012 for a selection of our favorite posts from the past year! There are those moments in life so powerful and […]

Jim Thompson: An Appreciation

Sep 12, 2012 in Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors

The e-book Jim Thompson’s THE KILLER INSIDE ME, the novel Stanley Kubrick deemed “probably the most chilling and believable first-person story of a criminally warped mind I have ever encountered,” is on sale for just $2.99 for the Nook, Kindle, and the iBookstore. Now is the perfect time to introduce yourself to one of the […]

Dark Valentine

Mar 06, 2012 in Fiction, Mulholland Authors

Enjoy this twisted slice of fiction from the brilliant mind behind Prison Break and Breakout Kings, and the novels  FIFTEEN DIGITS and SLIP AND FALL, coming from Mulholland Books in April 2012. “This is called Candy Cane,” the sales girl said, handing me the small bottle. I unscrewed the top and sniffed it. “It doesn’t smell […]

The Past, Present and Future of Tartan Noir

Sep 08, 2011 in Books, Guest Posts

“Too much black for the white.” That was the assessment of the Ayrshire novelist George Douglas Brown when asked what he thought of his novel, The House with the Green Shutters, over a century ago. It’s also, perhaps surprisingly, a very apt summary of a modern phenomenon known as Tartan Noir. In both tone and […]

How L.A. Noire Changes Everything (Just Not in the Way They Thought it Would)

Jul 08, 2011 in eBooks, Guest Posts, Video Games

The Game There’s some kind of irony to be found in the fact that one of the main pursuits of L.A. Noire is to reconstruct, in exact detail, a few square miles of 1947 Los Angeles, because everything else about the game is so modern. Ahead of its time, even. Produced by Team Bondi and […]

Canarsie and Westlake, Parker and Stark (and Me)

Jun 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

[The below first appears as an introduction to Butcher’s Moon, republished in April 2011 by the University of Chicago Press, and is reprinted with the gracious permission of Lawrence Block. You can read his other intros for Backflash and Comeback here and here.] One night around the end of 1960 or the beginning of 1961, […]

Noir in the Sunshine

Jun 28, 2011 in Writing

So some years ago I was writing this series of P.I. novels about a detective in St. Louis. He wasn’t exactly your classic shamus but he did have Sam Spade DNA and he did walk some pretty mean streets in a gritty industrial city. But what I wanted to do was a second series, something […]

Continue Reading Duane Swierczynski’s FUN AND GAMES

Jun 10, 2011 in Excerpts, Fiction, Mulholland Authors

In just ten short days, we’ll be publishing FUN AND GAMES, the kick-a$$ first book in the kick-a$$ Charlie Hardie series. Continue reading the novel Josh Bazell called “insanely entertaining,” and which Booklist called “so bloody satisfying.” Missed Chapter 1? Read it here. 2 “California is a beautiful fraud.”—Marc Reisner WHEELS WERE supposed to be […]