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The Story In My Head Has a Soundtrack

Apr 20, 2012 in Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors

I can’t carry a tune in a bucket, but I love music. Music is a constant companion—at work, at the gym, relaxing around the house, and especially when writing. Maybe it’s from all of the soundtracks at the movies setting the moods in a film, but for me music is an integral part of my […]

Hope You Guessed My Name

Apr 19, 2012 in Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors

When the folks at Mulholland Books asked me to write an article to introduce their anthology of mysteries titled VENGEANCE, I passed. It’s a subject I’m uniquely qualified to discuss, but I didn’t want to attract attention to myself. I cherish my anonymity, my ability to listen to the conversation beside me, or blend in […]

The Lineup: Weekly Links

Apr 18, 2012 in Weekly links

The Boston Globe ran what is quite possibly the best review of Joe R. Lansdale’s EDGE OF DARK WATER we’ve ever read. Reviewer Hallie Ephron, noting the novel’s “unforgettable characters” proclaims that this “terrific read” brings to mind “memories of Huckleberry Finn, To Kill A Mockingbird, and even As I Lay Dying with its journey to lay a soul to rest.” […]

Jewish Criminals I Have Known

Apr 16, 2012 in Guest Posts

Very often at a reading I am asked about Jewish criminals. The very idea seems at once perverse and nonsensical, like gay plumbers or red-haired Japanese. These days very few people cross to the other side of the street when faced with an oncoming trio of Jewish accountants. Those who think this funny never faced […]

Putting the Thrill Back in Legal Thriller: A Review of Guilt by Association

Mar 02, 2012 in Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors, Mulholland News

Not too many years ago, an influential friend in the literary world told me, “Legal thrillers are out.” Having just published my first two novels, both featuring Portland Deputy District Attorney Samantha Kincaid, I desperately needed this death announcement to be premature. The problem, I argued, was an overabundance of bad legal thrillers that had […]

Rachel Knight’s Los Angeles

Mar 01, 2012 in Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors

TThe paperback edition of Marcia Clark’s Guilt by Association is in stores now! Now’s the perfect time to check out the debut thriller about which People call a “gritty and intriguing thriller that sings.” Marcia’s main character LA District Attorney Rachel Knight describes many favorite places in Los Angeles in Guilt by Association. Check out […]

Ultimate Spider-Man: An Excerpt

Feb 24, 2012 in Comic Books, Excerpts, Graphic Novels

Brian Michael Bendis’s reboot of Ultimate Spider-Man, introducing biracial Miles Morales as the series’ titular hero, had been making headlines before the first issue even went to press. Mulholland Books is pleased to offer an excerpt of issue #7–and don’t miss the first volume collecting issues one through five, in stores now.

The Punisher: An Excerpt

Feb 15, 2012 in Comic Books, Excerpts

The Punisher Vol. 1 hits stores today. Check out a few gorgeous, hard hitting pages of the Greg Rucka-penned, Marco Checcheto-illustrated book below:

On The Punisher

Feb 14, 2012 in Comic Books, Mulholland Authors, Writing

To be brutally honest, the Punisher was never a character that appealed to me until editor Stephen Wacker approached me to write the book. Prior to that, I’d always felt him to be remarkably two-dimensional, and that’s saying something about a character from a medium where two-dimensional characters are the rule, not the exception. Add […]

Want to be a literary rock star? Live like a boy scout. A conversation with George Pelecanos.

Feb 13, 2012 in Guest Posts, Writing

The below guest post originally appeared on Allison Leotta’s site and is reprinted with the permission of the author. George Pelecanos is an author at the top of his game. When he’s not writing bestselling crime novels, he’s creating some of America’s finest TV dramas: shows like “The Wire” and “Treme.”Stephen King called him “perhaps America’s greatest living crime […]