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Any questions?

Jun 27, 2011 in Books, Guest Posts, Writing

This past spring the filmed version of Alan Glynn’s novel Limitless took theaters by storm.  Last week, Picador’s paperback edition of Glynn’s novel Winterland hit the shelves, a book George Pelecanos called  “A terrific read”, and John Connolly characterized as “timely, topical and thrilling.”  Here, Alan discusses the genesis of Winterland, architecture as metaphor, and […]

Insulting Your Intelligence (“Just gimme some noiriness”)

Oct 28, 2010 in Books, Film, Guest Posts, Television

I sometimes wonder if the popularity of noir isn’t largely due to the fact that no one seems entirely clear on what the hell it is. Not that a busload of perfectly smart people haven’t ventured a definition or two. A great deal of thought is expended on virtually a daily basis trying to pin […]

Once Were Mysteries

Aug 31, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts

The former chairman of the Booker Prize committee said last month, “A mystery has as much chance of winning the Booker as a donkey winning the Derby.” I ask myself, in pretty much all honesty, Who won the Booker last year? Um… I can rattle off who won the Edgar, the Hammett. But you could […]

A Donkey in the Grand National

Aug 27, 2010 in Books

Congratulations must go to crime novelist Peter Temple who last month won the Miles Franklin Award, Australia’s oldest literary prize. But before we seal and send that particular “well done, mate” package, let’s just drop a sharply delivered head slap in there, too. Because as much as Mr. Temple obviously deserves his accolade, he’s also […]

Why Mark Billingham is a Badass

Aug 26, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors

Mark Billingham has been a crime-fiction sensation in the UK since his first novel, Sleepyhead, was published in 2001 to great acclaim and success. The protagonist of that book, Detective Inspector Tom Thorne, has appeared in many subsequent novels and is now a beloved figure in British crime lit. Billingham earned his success. Raised in […]

See You in the Darkness

Aug 23, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts

One chilly February evening back in 2008, mystery writer Alan Gordon drove me home from a book launch for Queens Noir (Akashic, 2008), an anthology of dark tales set in my home borough. Both Alan and I live in Forest Hills, a pretty serene neighborhood set deep into Queens. As we approached the police precinct […]

Mark Billingham and Laura Lippman on themselves and everything else

Aug 18, 2010 in Books, Film, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors

I’ve known Mark Billingham since 2002, but I feel as if we’re lifelong friends. When I heard he was going to move to Mulholland, I was sad for our mutual publisher but happy for Mark, if that makes sense. We share several enthusiasms, including the music of Elvis Costello and beer. I guess I should […]