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What Is a Mystery?

Mar 18, 2013 in Guest Posts, Writing

Every once in awhile, when my (ahem) amazing job comes up in conversation, someone will ask me, if not: “What is a mystery?” outright, another question along similar lines. Could be someone curious how the category has evolved in the years since Sherlock Holmes, Inspector Dupin and Hercule Poirot. Or it could be an avid […]

A Conversation with George Pelecanos: Part I

Jun 05, 2012 in Books, Guest Posts

The paperback edition of George Pelecanos’s THE CUT hits bookstores today. THE CUT introduces Spero Lucas, an ex-Marine and Iraq vet who specializes in recovering stolen property – no questions asked – in return for forty percent of its value. Spero’s first case involves an imprisoned drug lord, and drops him dead center into the midst of […]

The Lineup: Weekly Links

Feb 23, 2012 in Weekly links

WILD THING, Josh Bazell’s sequel to the breakout hit BEAT THE REAPER is in bookstores now. Check out reviews from  The Daily Beast, which proclaims the book “comes with the funniest footnotes and appendix (no kidding) ever written,” the National Post, which calls the book “a welcome return…with a grim and funny plot filled with a […]

The Lineup: Weekly Links

Feb 16, 2012 in Weekly links

Duane Swierczynski’s FUN AND GAMES has been nominated for a Barry Award for Best Paperback Original! Go Duane! Papers like the New York Times have been covering the shopping of Amanda Knox’s book proposal. What do you think? George Pelecanos’s WHAT IT WAS continues to receive great reviews–don’t miss coverage from the New York Times Book Review, which called […]

Want to be a literary rock star? Live like a boy scout. A conversation with George Pelecanos.

Feb 13, 2012 in Guest Posts, Writing

The below guest post originally appeared on Allison Leotta’s site and is reprinted with the permission of the author. George Pelecanos is an author at the top of his game. When he’s not writing bestselling crime novels, he’s creating some of America’s finest TV dramas: shows like “The Wire” and “Treme.”Stephen King called him “perhaps America’s greatest living crime […]

The Lineup: Wednesday links

Sep 07, 2011 in Weekly links

Janet Rudolph offers a comprehensive list of Labor Union-related mysteries for your post-Labor Day reading. Crimespace fan? You might want to check out the ongoing discussion about crime novels that have pushed the envelope into literary territory. Don’t be afraid to chime in! The Millions has a post earlier from Kim Wright about nearly the […]

The Big Gundown

Sep 01, 2011 in Film, Guest Posts

A couple of nights ago I caught Sergio Solima’s The Big Gundown on Encore’s Western channel. I had seen it back in the late 60’s when I was a kid, in one of the movie palaces that had gone exploitation/blaxploitation/Spaghetti Western in post-riot Washington, D.C. It’s difficult to find on DVD, and is rarely shown […]

The Lineup: Wednesday links

Aug 31, 2011 in Weekly links

A whole lotta awesome went up this week to celebrate the publication of George Pelecanos’s THE CUT. George Pelecanos’s Book Notes post at Large Hearted Boy is sure to get a few tunes stuck in your head. Speaking of music and George, check George’s Tour Music Playlist on Spotify! USA Today‘s interview with George, with video, is most […]

A Conversation with George Pelecanos: Part II

Aug 30, 2011 in Books, Guest Posts, Writing

Part II of the conversation with George Pelecanos celebrating the publication of THE CUT, which the Chicago Sun Times recommends, “Soak it up.” The Washington Post praises Pelecanos’s ability to “maintain a remarkably high level of intelligence and style” and the Los Angeles Times appreciates that “Pelecanos has made Washington his literary stomping grounds, and […]

Start Reading Bloodline by Mark Billingham

Jul 01, 2011 in Uncategorized

This month we’ll be publishing BLOODLINE by Mark Billingham. Start reading the book that Gillian Flynn has called “chilling, moody, humane, and very, very smart,” and which George Pelecanos proclaimed “a boss performance, through and through.” PROLOGUE DEBBIE AND JASON “Come on, pigeon! Let’s go blow at the trains.” Debbie Mitchell tugs at her son’s […]