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Bernie Madoff: Noir Icon?

Oct 07, 2010 in Guest Posts

Bernie Madoff was in the news again recently—or at least his bankruptcy case was. It seems the trustee and some of Madoff’s victims are fighting over legal fees—surprise, surprise. It was a small story, and just the latest chapter in a long saga, but it had me thinking again about Madoff, and about the largest […]

Noir Is for Losers

Sep 30, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts

Noir. Slippery little word, isn’t it? French, but applied in retrospect to American movies that were themselves informed by aspects of German Expressionism. According to Otto Penzler, when people profess to be fans of the sub-genre, they very rarely know what they’re talking about. As editor, critic, and proprietor of the Mysterious Bookshop, Penzler obviously […]

Do You Have to Be a Murderer to Write Killer Fiction?

Sep 29, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts, Writing

Everyone reading this column has one thing in common: we all love crime novels. The question I’d like to pose is, are the best crime novels written by those experienced in crime, and the violence that inevitably accompanies it? Crime fiction is about murder. Do crime writers who have experienced violence write different kinds of […]

Cathartic Thrills

Sep 24, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts

A few years ago I was on a book tour in Spain, where I spent two days in a hotel being interviewed by reporters. Interestingly, nearly all of them posed a similar inquiry: What’s it like not to write serious fiction? I admit, at first I was thrown by the question. But in the end […]

Sex and Violence, Please

Sep 17, 2010 in Books, Film, Guest Posts

The announcement of Little Brown’s new suspense line, Mullholland, is a cause for rejoicing in mystery-writer circles…and not just because an attractive new market for the craft has revealed itself.  The launch reaffirms the notion that neither the book nor the mystery is dead, and that’s always good news to a writer trying to keep […]

Thank You for Smoking

Sep 14, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors

It has often been said by crime writers (this one included) that the community of mystery writers is uniquely clubbable, and, while there are one or two crime writers of whom I would use that word in the same way it is applied to baby seals, I think that, generally speaking, this description is true. […]

From Suspense to Dread

Sep 03, 2010 in Books, Film, Guest Posts

I was idly watching the end of an old TV episode of Poirot the other day wherein the world’s third most famous Belgian had, as always, gathered the eight or so suspects together in the drawing room and began pointing the finger of suspicion at each of them in turn. It seemed to me that […]

Once Were Mysteries

Aug 31, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts

The former chairman of the Booker Prize committee said last month, “A mystery has as much chance of winning the Booker as a donkey winning the Derby.” I ask myself, in pretty much all honesty, Who won the Booker last year? Um… I can rattle off who won the Edgar, the Hammett. But you could […]

See You in the Darkness

Aug 23, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts

One chilly February evening back in 2008, mystery writer Alan Gordon drove me home from a book launch for Queens Noir (Akashic, 2008), an anthology of dark tales set in my home borough. Both Alan and I live in Forest Hills, a pretty serene neighborhood set deep into Queens. As we approached the police precinct […]

Dead Mower Dreams and the Weeds of Boo Radley

Aug 19, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts

When someone asks me why I think there’s been a resurgence in dark crime, hard-boiled, and noir fiction, I tell them the story about the house across the street. It’s a two-floor split-foyer that nowadays sort of looks like Boo Radley’s place. It’s become one of those legendary homes where kids are dared to run […]