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Why Crime?

Dec 01, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors, Writing

Why crime? This is the question most crime writers get asked more than any other. For a long while I couldn’t answer it. Honestly, I had no idea. To start with I didn’t read crime, which is a weird confession to make and one that could see me strung up by my thumbs above a […]

Why does an Englishman write American crime?

Nov 23, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts, Writing

This is a question I have been asked so many times.  Enough times for me to take a long look at it, if for no other reason than to have an answer next time I am asked. Paul Auster said that becoming a writer was not a “career decision” like becoming a doctor or a […]

A Conversation with Derek Haas and Rian Johnson (Part II)

Nov 17, 2010 in Film, Guest Posts, Popcorn Fiction

Continued from Monday, Derek Haas and Rian Johnson discuss Johnson’s forthcoming time travel epic, Looper, Haas’ next project, The Double; Dashiell Hammett, The Hardy Boys and the eternal question:  screenplays vs. novels? Rian Johnson: Now that we’ve discussed Popcorn Fiction, we get to the real question that all of the Americas is asking: when can […]

Derek Haas and Rian Johnson on Popcorn Fiction

Nov 15, 2010 in Film, Guest Posts, Popcorn Fiction

We’re thrilled to announce that, the brilliant genre fiction short story showcase created by screenwrtiter Derek Haas, has joined forces with Mulholland Books. In the weeks and months to come, we look forward to shining a light on Popcorn Fiction, and running select Popcorn Fiction stories on Follow the link today to […]

Darkness in the East

Nov 12, 2010 in Guest Posts, Writing

Noir is a French word meaning dark. It’s used to identify a certain type of grim fiction or film. Don’t let the French name fool you. There’s plenty of noir right here in East Texas, though it’s mixed with Southern Gothic and Western and all manner of stuff; it’s a gumbo boiled in hell. I […]

A Conversation with Andrew Vachss

Nov 05, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts

On the occasion of the publication of Andrew Vachss’s new novel The Weight, Ken Bruen and Andrew Vachss talk about the blues, justifiable rage and writing for the streets not the critics. Ken: Would you consider Two Trains Running your seminal work? Andrew: Retro-seminal, in that it dissects events which have already occurred. Seminal was […]

Insulting Your Intelligence (“Just gimme some noiriness”)

Oct 28, 2010 in Books, Film, Guest Posts, Television

I sometimes wonder if the popularity of noir isn’t largely due to the fact that no one seems entirely clear on what the hell it is. Not that a busload of perfectly smart people haven’t ventured a definition or two. A great deal of thought is expended on virtually a daily basis trying to pin […]

What Ya Readin’ for?

Oct 25, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts

The best explanation of the difference between nonfiction and fiction, I feel, is that nonfiction’s primary purpose is to convey information, whereas the purpose of fiction is to evoke an emotion in the reader. I think great books work on an emotional level. Fear is an emotion, a very powerful emotion. Perhaps people read thrillers […]

Why I Want to Fuck J. G. Ballard

Oct 22, 2010 in Books, Guest Posts

So I can have his babies, that’s why. Though I am reliably informed that for various reasons this may no longer be possible, if indeed it ever was . . . which is a pity, because I’ve been a big fan of Ballard’s since the late  seventies, when I first came across The Atrocity Exhibition. […]

The True Believer

Oct 12, 2010 in Books, Mulholland Authors

Every writer needs a true believer on his team. I am a literary agent, and I am a true believer. I am a creative partner and a business partner to a group of talented, ambitious, and hardworking authors. I’m a good editor, I know a lot of people who can publish your book or buy […]