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Request an S. Reading Group Kit

S. Reading Group Kit

Just as Jen and Eric collaborate on their reading of V.M. Straka’s Ship of Theseus, reading S. is more rewarding when enjoyed with a friend. We encourage you to do as many online have done and bring S. to the attention of your book club. To enliven and enrich your reading group’s discussion of S., we’ve assembled a kit that we can mail to your book club—simply fill out the form below to request one.

Each kit contains a letter of welcome from J.W. Dominguez, the webmaster for and our marketing consultant on S. We’ve also included Dominguez’s dossier of possible candidates for the pseudonymous Straka, along with a cipher and an intercepted transmission from Radio Straka. A couple of colored pencils allow your group members to add their notes and observations to Ship of Theseus, and a stamped and pre-addressed postcard is included should your group wish to send a note to Straka’s translator, F.X. Caldeira. We don’t have a forwarding address for Caldeira, but your correspondence will be uploaded to a gallery on this site; we’re confident Caldeira will see it.

Please note that we can only mail these kits to addresses within the United States, and kits are only available while supplies last. Thank you for exploring S. with us.

—Mulholland Books