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Fact, Meet Fiction: On the Writing of Shake Off

Feb 21, 2012 in Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors, Writing

One of the pleasures of writing and reading fiction – and thrillers lend themselves to this rather well – is the weaving of fact and fiction. And a fact I happily weaved into the fictional world of Shake Off was that one of the few American fiction writers you could buy in English in the […]

On The Punisher

Feb 14, 2012 in Comic Books, Mulholland Authors, Writing

To be brutally honest, the Punisher was never a character that appealed to me until editor Stephen Wacker approached me to write the book. Prior to that, I’d always felt him to be remarkably two-dimensional, and that’s saying something about a character from a medium where two-dimensional characters are the rule, not the exception. Add […]

Want to be a literary rock star? Live like a boy scout. A conversation with George Pelecanos.

Feb 13, 2012 in Guest Posts, Writing

The below guest post originally appeared on Allison Leotta’s site and is reprinted with the permission of the author. George Pelecanos is an author at the top of his game. When he’s not writing bestselling crime novels, he’s creating some of America’s finest TV dramas: shows like “The Wire” and “Treme.”Stephen King called him “perhaps America’s greatest living crime […]

In the Beginning

Feb 06, 2012 in Guest Posts, Writing

The below guest post initially appeared at Murder is Everywhere and is reprinted below with the kind permission of the author. One of the nicest things about having a website is that people write me letters.  My personal website, although it’s got the usual self-serving promotional nonsense on it, is largely taken up by a […]

On Writing A Drop of the Hard Stuff

Feb 01, 2012 in Books, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors, Writing

Today Mulholland Books celebrates the paperback publication of A DROP OF THE HARD STUFF! Missed out on the “totally gripping….Great American Crime Novel” (Time) the first time around? Now’s your chance! Larry’s essay on writing A DROP OF THE HARD STUFF follows. I was afraid I might be done writing about Matthew Scudder. I’d certainly spent […]

Pulling Weeds

Jan 17, 2012 in Guest Posts, Writing

People frequently ask how it was that I became a writer. The answer surprises them. “Pulling weeds,” I say, and then watch their face go blank. But it’s true. My love of books developed from an abhorrence of gardening, specifically my mother’s favorite punishment. She’d make my nine brothers and sisters and I pull weeds. […]

Cold Blood: On Jim Thompson and Stanley Kubrick

Jan 13, 2012 in Film, Guest Posts, Writing

This article was originally published in One More Robot #8 In the mind of crime fiction aficionados, the brooding image of pulp writers from the 40s and 50s usually resembles a haunting Edward Hooper painting of doomed loners sloughed at a rickety desk inside a dimly lit hotel room. Knocking out stories for a penny […]

Memories | Ghosts

Dec 01, 2011 in Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors, Writing

When my agent phoned with the news, I was half out the door, on my way to a group exhibition featuring several friends at a gallery in the trendy Kloof Street strip. “Congratulations! You’re a Mulholland author,” my agent said. “…” I replied. It’s a terrible thing being a writer and having the words go […]

Unraveling the Mystery of Effectively Using Social Media to Promote Your Books

Nov 11, 2011 in Guest Posts, Writing

It’s no mystery that no matter how much marketing/promotion your publisher may do for your mystery/thriller books, it is up to authors to help in this effort. After all, if you spent all that time writing, revising, finding an agent, and getting a publisher for your books, you do not want to abandon your creations […]

Worlds Colliding

Nov 07, 2011 in Books, Mulholland Authors, Mulholland News, Writing

My name is David Morrell. I write thrillers. On occasion, people are puzzled when they learn that I also have a PhD in American literature from Penn State and that I was a full professor at the University of Iowa, where I taught Hawthorne, Melville, Henry James, and Edith Wharton. For me, the two worlds […]