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Category Archive for ‘Short Stories’ rss

Canceling “Dead Pig Collector” by Warren Ellis

Jun 06, 2013 in eBooks, Mulholland News, Short Stories

It is with regret that we announce that we’re canceling our publication of Warren Ellis’s digital short story, “Dead Pig Collector.” We were and continue to be very excited about the story—it’s brilliant, savage, and funny, and we hope you will have the opportunity to read it soon. However, we will not be coordinating its […]

Karin Slaughter’s Story from Vengeance Anthology Wins Edgar Award

May 06, 2013 in Fiction, Mulholland News, Short Stories

We were beyond thrilled to hear that Karin Slaughter’s propulsive story “The Unremarkable Heart” won Best Short Story at last week’s Edgar Awards. This story appears in our anthology, Mystery Writers of America Presents Vengeance, which is just out in paperback. In the spirit of Short Story Month—which is, you guessed it, May—we’d like to […]

Year End Review: Triggers Down, A Social Writing Project

Dec 28, 2012 in Fiction, Short Stories, Writing

Mulholland Books is looking for English and writing students to contribute writing to Triggers Down, a social writing project that will be a testament to writers building off of other writers’ work to create bigger and better stories. The goal is to create a crime story. Here’s how it works: Mulholland Books will assign interested […]

A Bad Feeling: A Short Story

Nov 05, 2012 in Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors, Short Stories

Arthur held one finger up to his wife while he checked the number. “I need to take this.” He didn’t wait for her to protest, he just got up from the table and moved to the sidewalk in some vague notion of modern etiquette as he swiped his finger across the face of his phone […]

The Assumption

Sep 11, 2012 in Excerpts, Fiction, Guest Posts, Popcorn Fiction, Short Stories

Via Popcorn Fiction, a superstar actor has big secrets in his past in this touch of noir from Ralph Pezzullo, co-author of HUNT THE WOLF: A Seal Team Six novel written with Don Mann. He saw her face in his mind’s eye and there was no mistake. Pale and pleading. Desperate. A ghost with pale […]

Verst 7156

Jun 18, 2012 in Popcorn Fiction, Short Stories

To kick off the week in style, we have the below historical short story from the author of the acclaimed thriller Clawback, whichalso appears as this week’s offering from Popcorn Fiction. Enjoy! He arrived late afternoon, trudging up from the railbed over cracked ice and snow, his Enfield banging against a metal canteen frozen solid. […]

Amateurs: A Short Story from The First Shift

Oct 12, 2011 in Fiction, Guest Posts, Short Stories

We’re thrilled to present to you today a story from the new Crime Factory anthology  The First Shift: 27 tales of revulsion, heartbreak, and violence.  They were two days into the trip when the train shuddered and the hiss of steam, fighting the brakes applied, caused his bowels to revolt. Through the window, Tip caught […]

The Other Man

Aug 25, 2011 in Fiction, Guest Posts, Short Stories

This short story was originally published on Beat to a Pulp and is re-printed here with permission. I knew I was a dead man when the cop walked into my bar. It was the way the cocksure bastard sauntered over the threshold, sniffed the moldiness of the stained oak panels, and smiled. Some little joke […]

Last Dance

Aug 04, 2011 in Fiction, Guest Posts, Short Stories

“I’d love to take you away from all this.” Rachel turned. The man wore a white suit, azure shadows cast against its fabric from the reflection of the disco ball against her too-blue evening gown. She’d been on her way to the front to cash out with the night manager, the strap around her thigh […]

The Walls: An Original Short Story (Part II)

Jul 15, 2011 in Fiction, Mulholland News, Short Stories

We are thrilled to present Part II of an original short story written by BLOODLINE author Mark Billingham titled “The Walls.” (Missed Part I? Start reading here.) To double the fun, we’ve also created an audio version of the story, read by Brad Negbaur (see below). BLOODLINE is also available as a downloadable audiobook read […]