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Standing in Another Man’s Grave with a Gun Machine: Warren Ellis and Ian Rankin In Conversation

Jan 28, 2013 in Graphic Novels, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors, Music, Writing

Ian Rankin has called Warren Ellis’s GUN MACHINE “hellish fun.” Warren Ellis has called Ian Rankin’s  STANDING IN ANOTHER MAN’S GRAVE “a magnificent read.” Figuring the Rankin and Ellis might have a thing or two to say to one another, we put the two in touch and watched the fireworks ensue. Their conversation follows… Warren […]

A Sincere Endeavor: Dedicating BLACK LIGHT to Warrant’s Jani Lane

Oct 06, 2011 in Books, Mulholland Authors, Music

There’s bad magic and good magic. Good magic is when you finally manage to quit smoking and something cool happens to you the same week—like winning twenty bucks on a lottery ticket.  Bad magic is when someone quotes your latest poem in a movie about clumsy people, then you fall into an open sewer and […]

My Father’s Coat

Aug 24, 2011 in Guest Posts, Music

A short time ago I got a call out of the blue asking me if I’d like to appear in a short film alongside William McIlvanney – aka The Godfather of Tartan Noir. There was no way I was turning down the chance to meet the author of Laidlaw. The final cut of Edinburgh film-maker […]

Fearful Joys

May 17, 2011 in Guest Posts, Music, Writing

Looking at the Recently Played smartlist in iTunes, I can tell there’s a song that’s had massively more airplay in my world than any other over the last couple of months. That doesn’t surprise me. I’ve put it on at random points during the day. I’ve had it on repeat in the background while I’ve […]

What’s the score . . .

Feb 14, 2011 in Books, Guest Posts, Music

The theme from The Persuaders. My favourite John Barry pick. Without a doubt. I mean, obviously his arrangement for the Monty Norman 007 theme in Dr No, and then all the subsequent Bonds – the Conneriad – From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, Thunderball, You Only Live Twice, and Diamonds Are Forever. But there was something […]

Music to Die For

Oct 18, 2010 in Guest Posts, Music, Writing

Remember that Monty Python sketch? Michael Palin exclaiming that although he was an accountant he really always wanted to be a lumberjack? Well, when I was young I wanted to be an accountant. Or, rather, an accountant is what I thought I would be. But in my dreams I was front man in a great […]