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The Lineup: Weekly Links

Feb 09, 2012 in Weekly links

Donato Carrisi’s THE WHISPERER received  a starred review from Library Journal that calls the novel: “Exquisite….Readers will be enthralled.” Congrats, Donato! And don’t miss excellent blogger reviews of THE WHISPERER from HorrorTalk and The Mystery Reader, too. The Washington Post reviewed WHAT IT WAS, calling it part of a body of work that amounts to “a […]

The Lineup: Weekly Links

Feb 02, 2012 in Weekly links

Don Mann, author of the forthcoming HUNT THE WOLF, was recently interviewed on Nightline about surviving captivity (Mann was captured during his stint as a SEAL Team Six member and lived to tell the tale). Visit Mann’s site to watch the story! Via CHUD, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have signed on for an adaptation of Ron […]

The Lineup: Weekly Links

Jan 25, 2012 in Weekly links

Oscar nominations are out! Congrats to Gary Oldman for his first Oscar nomination for Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy–but where’s Ryan Gosling and Albert Brooks for Drive? And where’s either film (or The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) in the Best Picture category? Did you know that Contraband, the #1 movie in America earlier this month, […]

The Lineup: Weekly Links

Jan 18, 2012 in Weekly links

THE REVISIONISTS author Thomas Mullen’s poignant essay on a song that reminds him of winter ran on NPR at the end of last week. Check it out! Speaking of Tom, USA Today‘s Pop Traveler blog mentions Thomas Mullen in a roundup of Atlanta by Rachel Mason. The first trade review of Joe R. Lansdale’s EDGE OF […]

The Lineup: Weekly Links

Jan 11, 2012 in Weekly links

Duane Swierczynski’s FUN AND GAMES has been nominated for an Indie Lit Award. Congrats, Duane! Up for a tour through the less-traveled side of LA? Richard Lange has you covered. In case you missed it in print, the Playboy excerpt of George Pelecanos’ upcoming novel What It Was is now available at Scribd with luscious illustrations intact. With […]

The Lineup: Weekly Links

Jan 04, 2012 in Weekly links

The Houston Chronicle’s Top 10 for 2011 list includes Anthony Horowitz’s THE HOUSE OF SILK, of which it writes that it “wrangles three individual mysteries, witty dialogue and the best bromance around into a book you can’t put down.” The San Diego Union-Tribune features Thomas Mullen’s THE REVISIONISTS as a Best Books of 2011, saying, “This well-written cross-genre book is a […]

The Lineup: Weekly Links

Nov 30, 2011 in Weekly links

The hits keep on coming for Anthony Horowitz’s THE HOUSE OF SILK–raves are now in from The Washington Post (“exceptionally entertaining [and] altogether terrific … one of the best Sherlockian pastiches of our time”), NPR (“Elegiac … should silence even the most persnickety Sherlock scholar”), The Cleaveland Plain Dealer (tone-perfect [and] action-packed”), and The Philadelphia Inquirer (“enormously involving and […]

The Lineup: Weekly Links

Oct 26, 2011 in Weekly links

Mark your calendars–this Friday THE DOUBLE hits theaters, starring Richard Gere and Topher Grace and co-written by Mulholland Books’ and Popcorn Fiction’s own Derek Haas! Don’t miss Derek’s post on the projects origins, and if you haven’t spotted the trailer yet, check it out below: In other suspense film news, have you been checking Mouth Taped Shut […]

The Lineup: Wednesday links

Aug 31, 2011 in Weekly links

A whole lotta awesome went up this week to celebrate the publication of George Pelecanos’s THE CUT. George Pelecanos’s Book Notes post at Large Hearted Boy is sure to get a few tunes stuck in your head. Speaking of music and George, check George’s Tour Music Playlist on Spotify! USA Today‘s interview with George, with video, is most […]