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We Were Kings

Hardcover, 6/21/16

ISBN 9780316323536

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It’s 1950’s Boston, and the Irish Republican Army is running guns and killing witnesses. Two childhood friends vow to bring them down.

When a body is discovered at the Charlestown locks—tarred and feathered—it appears to be a gangland killing. However, Boston PD detective Owen Lackey recognizes the murder style as the typical retribution for IRA informers. Combined with a tip-off about a boat coming into Boston with stolen guns and ammunition, the body in the locks hints that much more may be at stake than a one-off hit.

Cal O’Brien and Dante Cooper, longtime friends and Boston residents, are not new to taking on impossible odds. After Serpents in the Cold saw them make enemies in high places, Cal and Dante descend into the city’s shadowy underworld, where they discover a terrorist plot that will shake the city to its core and bring them head-to-head with the IRA.

Thomas O’Malley is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and currently teaches on the faculty of creative writing at Dartmouth College. He lives in the Boston area.

Douglas Graham Purdy is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and currently works in Film & Media Studies at MIT. This is his second novel.

“Well-written . . . Written with verve . . . Strikingly visual with a very readable style.” —Mystery Scene

“This brilliant second entry in the Boston Saga sizzles . . . This stunning narrative will enrapture fans of James Crumley and the astonishingly deep and dark Sara Gran.” —Booklist (starred review)

“The authors deliver noir done well in dark-city descriptions and a cast of damaged characters.” —Kirkus Reviews