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Hard as Nails

Trade Paperback, 8/25/15

ISBN 9780316213424

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“A hard-charging, pile-driving crime-thriller [with] a whole lot of action and thrills.” —Denver Post

Ex-PI Joe Kurtz’s survival is on the line when an ambush leaves him badly wounded and his parole officer, Peg O’Toole, clinging to life. Their respective professions have ensured that neither suffers from a shortage of enemies, so narrowing down the suspects isn’t easy. But Kurtz knows who’s at the head of his list: Angelina Farino Ferrara, the lethal beauty who leads the Farino crime family, and her mob rival, Toma Gonzaga.

The odd thing is, each would rather hire Joe Kurtz than fire at him. Someone’s causing trouble beneath the gray skies of western New York, and it’s drawn the notice of the mobs and the cops. Kurtz is caught in the middle along with the rest of them, and no one knows who’s tightening the vise.

In his twenty years of publication, Dan Simmons has won more than 50 major American and international awards for his fiction. Mr. Simmons lives in Colorado.

“The suspense is irresistible.” —Charlotte Observer 

“Exceptionally cinematic…explosive action.” —Lansing State Journal 

“The versatile Simmons cranks it for all its worth.” —Booklist