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Point & Shoot

Paperback, 04/30/13

ISBN 978-0-316-13330-2

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Fun & Games and Hell & Gone come full circle in the Hardie series’ astonishing conclusion.

Having accepted the ultimate punishment for his escape from the most secure prison on earth, Charlie Hardie finds himself trapped inside a satellite parked in orbit 500 miles above the Earth. He’s got a year’s supply of food, air, water, and no communication back to Earth, and must complete his 12 months’ duty, or the evil conglomerate that banished him will make sure his wife and son will have an “accident.”

Then someone all-too-familiar docks on the satellite and informs Hardie he’s sitting in a veritable zero-G vault containing the world’s most dangerous secrets. Forced to crash-land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Hardie must decide whether he’s come face-to-face with the partner he needs to save his family–or with his nemesis. After years of exile, Hardie’s loading up for an epic battle….and heading home to fight.

“Swierczynski’s writing crackles with fresh attitude.”—Kirkus

Frenetic proseReaders are in for a wild and immensely enjoyable ride.”–Publishers Weekly

Duane Swierczynski is the author of several crime thrillers and also writes the X-Men spinoff CABLE and IMMORTAL IRON FIST for Marvel Comics. His latest novels include EXPIRATION DATE; LEVEL 26, cowritten with CSI creator Anthony E,. Zuicker; and SEVERANCE PACKAGE, which has been optioned by Lionsgate films. He lives in Philadelphia with his wife and children.

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