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Slip and Fall

Paperback, 4/3/12

ISBN 978-0-316-17644-6

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“Nick Santora’s characters will ensnare readers and pull them into the good, bad, and ugly of Robert Principe’s life–a gripping thriller.” — Vince Flynn

Faced with a struggling practice, a pregnant wife, and a sister in trouble, Robert Principe realizes the white-collar world isn’t as easy as he thought. He needs money. Fast.

Desperate, he approaches his wiseguy cousin Jackie with an insurance scheme—a way for the Mob to collect from guys who owe but can’t pay, and a chance for Robert to use his law degree to make a few quick bucks when he needs it most.

Robert thinks it will be a one-time thing. It isn’t. The scheme works well—too well. The money flows, the violence escalates, and Robert soon learns that getting out of a deal with the Mafia isn’t exactly easy…especially when the FBI is onto you.

“A thriller with the quick pacing and vivid imagery that will catapult readers into a page-turning adventure. Themes of familial bonds and the struggle between the lure of success and the boundaries of ethics are cast in a way that will conjure up comparisons to John Grisham’s The Firm, while fans of Prison Break will appreciate the hear and soul that underlies the gut-wrenching plot.” —

“Slip & Fall is a riveting, high adrenaline thriller from a master storyteller. With unforgettable, fully formed characters and a truly gripping story line, Nick Santora’s exploration of family, ambition, and violence makes for a truly remarkable debut novel.” — Paul T. Scheuring, Creator/Writer/Executive Producer, Prison Break

“Slip & Fall has true energy and well-timed pacing; the plot and writing are cinematic and quick, yet full of great description. People who like the tightly written stories of CSI and Law & Order will be the perfect audience.” — Wendy Battles, Writer/Co-Executive Producer, CSI:NY

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