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Hardcover, 5/22/12

ISBN 978-0-316-18228-7


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Bestselling author Greg Rucka’s new series featuring ex-Delta Force operative Jad Bell defending the most alarming terrorist target since 9/11: a summer theme park.

For the visitors to Wilsonville, the largest theme park in the world, the day begins with a smile. But, by the end, they start to wonder: will they escape with their lives? Undercover Delta Force operator, Master Sergeant Jonathan “Jad” Bell has been deployed to act as Wilsonville’s lead undercover security officer. The threat begins with the announcement of a hidden dirty bomb, but quickly becomes something far, far worse.

Trained since the age of 18 to save innocent victims from impossible hostage situations, Jad scrambles to assess the threat and protect the visitors. He will come face to face with a villain whose training matches his in every way—and presents a danger Jad may not be able to stop.

Rucka is the author of the Atticus Kodiak and Tara Chace series, and has won multiple Eisner awards for his graphic novels.

“”Rucka gets his new series featuring Ex-Delta Force Master Sergeant Jad Bell off to a smashing start with this pitch-perfect thriller. This lean, mean thriller with just the right amount of character development and unexpected complications will appeal to all who enjoy this genre but particularly to readers who like a strong hero along the lines of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher. Highly recommended.”Library Journal (starred review)

Pulse-pounding….Rucka mixes suspense and an alarmingly realistic plot with ease.”–Publishers Weekly

An interesting setting, a likable hero, an appropriately clever villain, and a gripping story. A real corker.”-Booklist

Greg Rucka is one of the best writers in the world.”–Brian Michael Bendis, writer of Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men and Ultimate Fantastic Four

“ALPHA is hands down, the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping, butt-kicking novel I’ve read in years. Rucka is the real deal. If this one doesn’t make you stay up late rooting for the good guys, you don’t have a heartbeat. Highly recommended!”–Christopher Reich, New York Times bestselling author of Rules of Deception and Numbered Account )

“One of our best writers.”–Lee Child

Read Greg Rucka. It’s that simple. Open one of his books and what you’ve got is a fistful of dynamite.”–The Cincinnati Enquirer

Greg Rucka is a refreshingly bold talent.”–Dennis Lehane

A true professional.”–Chicago Tribune

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