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The Bayou Trilogy

Trade Paperback, 04/28/2011

ISBN 9780316133654


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A hard-hitting, critically acclaimed trilogy of crime novels from an author about whom New York magazine has written, “What people say about Cormac McCarthy … goes double for Woodrell. Possibly more.”

In the parish of St. Bruno, sex is easy, corruption festers, and double-dealing is a way of life. Rene Shade is an uncompromising detective swimming in a sea of filth.

As Shade takes on hit men, porn kings, a gang of ex-cons, and the ghosts of his own checkered past, Woodrell’s three seminal novels pit long-entrenched criminals against the hard line of the law, brother against brother, and two vastly different sons against a long-absent father.

The Bayou Trilogy highlights the origins of a one-of-a-kind author, a writer who for over two decades has created an indelible representation of the shadows of the rural American experience and has steadily built a devoted following among crime fiction aficionados and esteemed literary critics alike.

Praise for The Bayou Trilogy

“Old fans and new readers alike out to be grateful….The novels showcase Woodrell’s evolution as a writer … Woodrell’s The Bayou Trilogy supplies all the pleasure of hard-boiled noir: laconic cynicism, casually colorful characters (a diner owner, for instance, is described as having ‘slightly more than a basic issue of a nose’) and a hero whose feet of clay make his dedication to law and order all the more admirable.” –Chicago Tribune

“Really cool . . . Jump on these three top-shelf books.”-Library Journal

“There’s poetry in Woodrell’s mayhem, each novel-and scene-full of gritty and memorable Cajun details.” –Publishers Weekly, starred review

The Bayou Trilogy is more than a landmark of crime fiction; it is an impressive and important addition to American letters. Bravo, Daniel Woodrell, and long live Rene Shade.”

“I’m sure these books all worked perfectly fine in their previous forms as individual novels released years apart, but to read them one after another in one volume is really something to behold.  To keep St. Bruno’s mythology, and that of the Shade family in particular, fresh in your mind as you work your way through each book enriches the experience in countless ways, with certain characters that were minor in one novel fleshed out in a later one, places deeply explored in the first novel mentioned passingly in the next, lending the world a reality, a comforting familiarity and taste even.  Basically, what the Nerd is trying to say is, if you haven’t read any of this shit you definitely gotta pick it up toot-sweet and, if you’ve already dipped your toes in St. Bruno before, The Bayou Trilogy is one hell of a way to dunk your head back in and be re-baptized.  (You knew I couldn’t drop the church thing that easily, right?)”

Praise for Daniel Woodrell

“Deeply atmospheric and oozing with the mojo of the swamp . . . Woodrell’s work echoes that of William Kennedy, William Faulkner, and Walter Mosley.” —Chicago Tribune.

“A backcountry Shakespeare.” —L.A. Times

Daniel Woodrell is stone brilliant–a Bayou Dutch Leonard, steeped in rich Louisiana language.” –James Ellroy, author of L.A. Confidential and Blood’s a Rover

“Put Woodrell on the shelf alongside Faulkner, Jim Thompson, and Cormac McCarthy . . . Mr. Woodrell has earned himself a piece of immortality.” George Pelecanos, author of The Way Home (and writer for HBO’s The Wire)