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The Kings of London (Breen and Tozer #2)

Hardcover, 1/27/15

ISBN 9780316246873

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In Breen and Tozer’s London, a battle for the soul of the city is being fought between cops and criminals, the corrupt and the corruptible.

London, November 1968. Detective Sergeant Breen has a death threat in his inbox and a mutilated body on his hands. The dead man was the wayward son of a rising politician and everywhere Breen turns to investigate, he finds himself obstructed and increasingly alienated. Breen begins to see that the abuse of power is at every level of society. And when his actions endanger those at the top, he becomes their target. Out in the cold, banished from a corrupt and fracturing system, Breen is finally forced to fight fire with fire.

William Shaw paints the real portrait of London’s swinging sixties. Authentic, powerful and poignant, The Kings of London reveals the shadow beyond the spotlight and the crimes committed in the name of liberation.

William Shaw is an award-winning pop-culture journalist, who has has written regularly for The Observer (London), Independent, and Telegraph as well as the New York Times, Wired and Details. His previous novel, She’s Leaving Home, was the first to feature Breen and Tozer. Shaw lives in Sussex, England.

“Insightful . . . An elegy for an entire alienated generation.” —Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

“[Breen] is nervy, a true original in his line of work, altogether the most welcome new crime solver in British fiction. . . .  You’ll never read a better evocation of London circa 1968.” —Jack Batten, Toronto Star

“A slow burn . . . Good to the last ember” —Arielle Landau, New York Daily News

“A must read! . . . Shaw’s characters are flawed, but never dull. The story moves along at a good clip, with the action building toward a thrilling conclusion.” —San Francisco Book Review

“This critique of the Swinging Sixties is administered by a crackerjack storyteller who adroitly balances likable lead characters, bursts of intense action, and a great ear for office banter that will engage any reader who remembers the era, as well as anyone who has to google ‘bell-bottoms.’” —Library Journal (starred)