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We Are Here

Paperback Original, 02/25/2014

ISBN 978-0-316-25257-7

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An intelligent and page-turning thriller from the internationally bestselling author of Killer Move.

It should’ve been the greatest day in David’s life. A trip to New York, wife by his side, to visit his new publisher. Finally it looks as though the gods of fate are going to lift him from schoolteacher to writer. But on his way back to Penn Station, a chance encounter changes all of that. David bumps into a stranger who covertly follows him, and then, just before they board the train home, passes him by close enough to whisper: “Remember me.”

The stranger follows them back to where they live, and it isn’t long before David realizes that this man wants something from him…something very personal, that he may have no choice but to surrender.

“Edgy storytelling and ambition . . . Marshall puts the pieces together to unsettling effect.” —Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Michael Marshall’s previous books:

“A jaw-dropping mystery that makes a hairpin turn on nearly every page.” —Entertainment Weekly on The Intruders

“Well-constructed and terrifying.” —USA Today on The Intruders

“A masterpiece . . . brilliantly written and scary as hell.” —Stephen King on Straw Men

Michael Marshall was born in England but spent his early years in the United States, South Africa an Australia. He has worked extensively as a screenwriter in LA and London, where he lives with his wife and son.

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