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Lauren Beukes’s Top 10 Movies About Serial Killers

Jun 14, 2013 in Film, Guest Posts, Mulholland Authors

The Shining Girls by Lauren BeukesLauren Beukes is the author of The Shining Girls, a novel about a time-traveling serial killer…who’s being stalked by his sole survivor. The genre-bending thriller has earned raves from Entertainment Weekly, who calls it “a heart-thumping tale,” and The New York Times, who deems it a “strong contender for the role of this summer’s universal beach read.” Below is Beukes’s Top 10 list of movies about serial killers. How many have you seen?

1. The Silence of the Lambs

2. Se7en

3. Zodiac

4. The Pledge

5. Badlands

6. The Brave One

7. WΔZ

8. Natural Born Killers

9. Memories of Murder

10. Fallen

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  1. I just finished reading THE SHINING GIRLS and feel it is one of the best novels of 2013. I read the book in two days and intend to read it again. Why? The author captured the essence of the all the girls/women. Nelly and Kirby are two characters I cared about.

    I have seen five of the movies on this list. My favourite is BADLANDS as it captured the ‘time’ of the grim, remorseless, culturally bankrupt, emotionsl landscape of Starkweather and Caril Fugate. Odd how some people found them to be folk heroes.

    I can’t wait to see THE SHINING GIRLS on the screen.

  2. I will be that guy and point out that there is a difference between serial killers and mass murderers. Specifically, Badlands and Natural Born Killers don’t really belong on this list, and while a case can be made for The Brave One, I’m not sure it belongs on this list either.

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