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One Day, One Column

Aug 09, 2010 in Mulholland News

Welcome to the website of Mulholland Books, an imprint of Little, Brown and Company.

The goal of Mulholland Books is to publish the best suspense fiction in the world.

The goal of is to bring you as close as possible to that which is great about the world of suspense at large.

In order to introduce you to all that is Mulholland, we’ve invited our friends, from across the field, to do what they do best. Write.

One Day. One Column. Many Amazing Voices.  Posted daily at 7 AM. Watch out.

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  1. Just discovered your new site! What a great concept having your “friends” write! I’m looking forward to reading some great guest posts!

  2. Congratulations! I love a good thriller because I can lose myself so easily in them, which is all I desire in a book. There is something about the twists and turns in thrillers that are so enticing. Good luck with the imprint. I love the website and look forward to reading each of the daily columns and so much more!

  3. Very many congratulations on such an interesting and well designed site.

    Here’s wishing you every success.

    Regards from Dublin.

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